Immerse yourself in a life of leisure with Tamarac, a relaxed collection with a clean and casual style that evokes a sense of tranquility with its mix of tones and organic materials that are juxtaposed with modern design elements. Tamarac’s casual style is inspired by the Northern U.S. Wilderness which bears it’s name. Tamarac is shaped by nature with trees that are cold-harden enduring long winter snows. This wilderness in lake is an inspiration throughout the collection which features white oak veneers that are brushed and embedded with ivory tones; giving the look and feel of a wind-swept forest vista. These natural elements and tones are balanced with chunky proportions and patterns which give a distinctive twist to this casual style with modern flair.


Additional details include ripple patterns that feel like they are wind-blown, a driftwood-like finish and handwrought-style hardware are balanced by modern design elements including dimensional drawer fronts, stylized metal hairpin legs and trapezoidal geometric upholstered details to bring this casual–yet sophisticated and modern look–to life

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